Method (Cyrillic Old Church Slavonic font)
Classic Mac Edition (non-Unicode)

(Altkirchenslawisch, Altrussisch, Altbulgarisch, Altserbisch,
Old Russian, Old Bulgarian, OCS, Old Serbian)

The legacy edition of our "Method" font package consists of the following five fonts which use our "Scientific Cyrillic" encoding:

Method - lowercase and uppercase letters
MethodSuper - lowercase plus superscripts
MethodPlus - additional characters and variants
MethodCentered - all accents centered between characters
MethodAntik - an electronically "aged" version of the standard version, imitating the "bleeding" of ink on paper

"Method" features the classic Cyrillic OCS design for academic typesetting of grammars, text-books, editions, papers, and presentations. Digitized from the original printing type in 1989 and expanded further by Sebastian Kempgen. Extensively documented in a 25 page brochure. The first digital font of its type and still the best. Sample page see here.

Includes all historical characters, accents (titlo etc), superscripts etc. Separate accents for lowercase and for uppercase characters.

Glagolitic fonts for Old Church Slavonic using the same "Scientific Cyrillic encoding" see Glagol and Kirill.

All legacy fonts available directly from MacCampus only.

Unicode version see here.