Old Church Slavonic, Altkirchenslawisch, Altbulgarisch, Old Bulgarian, Old Russian, Altrussisch, Palaeoslavonic, OCS, Altserbisch, Old Serbian


Method (incl. Method Plus, Method Two, Method Alt)

Historical Cyrillic in a black letter design - the standard in Academic typesetting



Historical Cyrillic in a standard serifed typeface

Kirill & Glagol

Bulgarian Round Glagolica, Runde Glagolica & Croatian Square Glagolica, Eckige Glagolica, Glagoljica


Encodings: Unicode 4.1 (Mac OS X and Windows) plus "Scientific Cyrillic" encoding for Mac OS 9; identical Unicode font files for OS X and Windows!
Features: Complete character set including all variants, diacritics, accents, superscripts etc.
Weights: regular (upright)
Formats: Mac OS X: Unicode TrueType and OpenType PostScript; Mac OS 9: PostScript Type 1 and TrueType; PostScript Type 1 version also compatible with OS X
Platforms: Mac OS (Classic), OS X, and Windows
Additional notes: Non-Unicode versions of the fonts are compatible among themselves and with our Scientific Cyrillic series (RomanCyrillic, LadogaSlavic, Moskva/Kiev etc.).

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