Cyrillic - Professional Series

Russian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, some with non-Slavic additions

URW 04: RomanCyrillic Pro (plain, bold, italic, bolditalic)

MosFont 33: Ladoga Pro (plain, bold, oblique, boldoblique)

MosFont 35: RomanCyrillic Pro SC (small caps, plain)

Encoding: Macintosh Standard encoding for Cyrillic;
Keyboard driver: Several drivers are included (Phonetic, Russian etc.);
Features: Cyrillic fonts for the professional user;
Weights: RomanCyrillic Pro and Ladoga Pro: four, RomanCyrillic Pro SC: one (plain);
Formats: PostScript Type 1, Type 1/GX, and TrueType;
: Polished bitmaps for 7, 8, 9 , 10, and 12 points for all weights!
Additional notes:
RomanCyrillic Pro comes with a special "Serbian" version of the font that has italic characters as used in Serbia.

URW 05: RomanCyrillic Pro A (accented)

MosFont 34: Ladoga Pro A (accented)

Features: Accented Cyrillic using the Macintosh standard encoding for Cyrillic; all vowels (Cyrillic and Latin) have acute accent. For textbooks, dictionaries etc. All other features as above.