CampusRoman Orient:
Old Persian Cuneiform, Old South Arabian, Old North Arabian (Dadanitic)
Altpersische Keilschrift, Altsüdarabisch (Sabäisch), Altnordarabisch (Dadanitisch)
Gothic / Gotisch; Orientalist Transliteration

CampusRoman Orient is a Unicode font dedicated especially to scripts and languages of the Near East and of the Orient, past and present. Integrates the separte fonts Dareios and Marib (and more) into a single Unicode package.

Unicode blocks supported: Old Persian, Old South Arabic, plus Coptic, Gothic, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, Phonetics, Punctuation, Diacritical Marks, Editorial signs, Transliteration etc.

Formats: OpenType PostScript (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) for Mac OS X and Windows.

Old Persian Cuneiform:
Old South Arabian:
Old North Arabian:

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